Jasmin Winter

The starting point for my work is to represent the interaction between man and nature. The resulting dependence of both lives is of great importance.

Facination with the complexity and intensity of nature and its alteration by human influence serve as inspiration.

The pieces tell a story of growth, beauty, uniqueness, but also of fragility, decay and mortality.

They consist of constructed elements and yet seem to have grown by chance. The exitor design is inspired by the cross-section of human bones.

Colours, materials and proportions play with contrasts. Jewellery and wearer are one unit and also represent interaction.

Enamelled, blackened gilded silver is the basic material of my work. The connecting element is silk, which by linking them holds all the elements and raises them from flat surface into three dimensions.

Mechanisms such as clasps and stitching are not visible so that the jewellery retains its character as an object.